Scaramouche. The last collaboration in musical theater between Guinovart and Dagoll Dagom

Oct 24, 2019

Scaramouche is Guinovart’s latest project that together with Dagoll Dagom have created a great show, very cinematic, in the words of producer Anna Rosa Cisquella. In addition to ten musicians on stage, the recordings of the Julià Carbonell Symphony Orchestra of the Terres de Lleida were also added, with sixty musicians.

The show is the recovery of the genre of cloak and sword, fashionable in the 50s of the twentieth century. Dagoll Dagom’s Scaramouche was based on the character from Rafael de Sabatini’s original novel in an attempt to reflect the epic spirit of the film version. Directed by Joan Lluís Bozzo, with an argument by Joan Lluís Bozzo, Joan Vives and David Pintó, eighteen performers took to the stage with a budget of 800.000 euros.