Guinovart pays tribute to Déodat de Séverac

Mar 25, 2021

The pianist and composer Albert Guinovart offered a commemoration concert on his Youtube channel on Wednesday on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the composer Déodat de Séverac. The Catalan artist performed two works from En Vacances.  The first dates from 1911 and consists of two parts. The first, entitled Invocation à Schumann, is a tribute to the German romantic composer and pianist. The second, entitled Au Château et dans le Parc, is divided into seven movements: I. Les caresses de Grand’Maman. II. Les petites voisines en visite. III. Toto déguisé en suisse d’église. IV. Mimi se déguise en marquise. V. Ronde dans le parc. VI. Où l’on entend une vieille boîte à musique. VII. Valse romantique. The composer evokes a summer vacation from his childhood, where his grandmother’s caresses heal the tears in Les caresses de Grand’Maman and where the visits of friends and acquaintances remember the beauty of the time that passes soon a little to Les petites voisines en visite. A child’s summer vacation, with games and mischief in Ronde dans le parc; with dresses and costumes in Mimi se déguise en marquise; and with distant sounds in Où l’on entend une vieille boîte à musique. The first work closes with a sentimental waltz, an introspective and nostalgic movement that evokes the memories of a happy, carefree and playful childhood of a young Déodat de Séverac.

A composer who loves Catalonia

Déodat de Séverac settled in Ceret in 1909 and with Manolo Hugué was one of the main promoters of the Ceret School. He composed music for verses by Catalan authors and was inspired by landscapes of Catalonia to compose several of his works. De Séverac introduced some of the cobla’s instruments as in the work Héliogabale and visited Sant Feliu de Guíxols to meet Juli Garreta, a composer he admired with devotion.