Albert Guinovart, finalist in the Alícia Awards of the Catalan Academy of Music

Jun 9, 2021

The pianist and composer Albert Guinovart has been nominated for the Alícia Awards of the Catalan Academy of Music in the category of authorship and / or composition of a musical work for Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules. The six-movement work for metal quintet and piano is inspired by writer Jules Verne, hence the title. In the words of the same author, Guinovart defines this music as more suggestive than descriptive in the sense of being able to follow the plot of the story. They are detached images and environments suggested by the memory of these stories in an adult who gets into the skin of a child when he discovers those adventures that make him dream.

The Alícia Awards are given annually to projects or proposals that stand out for their excellence and at the same time promote the creative, artistic, cultural and social values ​​of music. The winners will be announced on June 21, coinciding with the celebration of International Music Day.

The Catalan Academy of Music will carry out a cross-platform documentary project to distinguish and publicize the winners of the annual music awards in Catalonia and bring the reality of professionals in the music sector to the general public, highlighting the creative, artistic potential and social music. This documentary can be seen on TV3 and will be broadcast through its broadcast channels, as well as on Canal Alícia, with the aim of adapting the format to the particularities of each edition of the awards, generating high-interest content that transcends more beyond the presentation of the awards and the documentary piece.