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I was trained in music at the Superior Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona. I left for London to study with pianist and educator Maria Curcio, whose assistant I was. My musical activity is divided into different aspects: composition, orchestration, teaching, piano performance and recordings.



Albert Guinovart offers his music through social media

In times of confinement, pianist and composer Albert Guinovart brought his talent to social media through his Instagram and Facebook accounts. Guinovart performs several pieces of music at a time when concerts and events have been canceled due to the health crisis....

Albert Guinovart and Miquel Bofill present the CD ‘Dreams’

Pianist and composer Albert Guinovart presents the album ‘Dreams’ recorded with saxophonist Miquel Bofill. Two personalities who have played together on many occasions, since they performed as a duet at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 1986. The album is a tribute to the...

‘Nocturne’. New record work by Albert Guinovart

Albert Guinovart publishes a new record, Nocturn, with melodies inspired by classics such as Chopin or Granados. Night at Chloé, Night at Pilar Bayona, Night at Elisa, her mother ... melodic works but also pieces that transport those who listen to them to the world of...

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